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Holidays in Portugal

Portugal - an ancient European state, which has its own established traditions. Many often find similarities between this country and Spain, but, nevertheless, the difference between them is great. Even the Portuguese themselves do not consider themselves relatives of the Spanish nation. Portugal vacation offers the most diverse, for every taste and color, and therefore, you will have the opportunity to personally see this.

Great holiday in Portugal

Traveling to Portugal is usually associated with the magnificent resorts of the country. Algarve or Guimaraes, Batalha or Carcavelos, Obidos or Madeira - any tour operator in Portugal will definitely suggest that you spend a week or two in one of these resorts, especially if you consider that prices allow you to do so without problems. A recognized paradise is a holiday in Portugal in Sintra - a town with medieval castles and ancient monasteries, as well as royal palaces. As for local cooking, it turns out so unusual and special, because the recipes of dishes are passed down from generation to generation. Today, the country occupies the first place in Europe in terms of the quality of footwear produced, and therefore it is not surprising that tourists adore buying boots and shoes here.

Why not to give up an unforgettable holiday in Portugal

Do you think you should enjoy an unusual holiday in Portugal now or not?

Develop your doubts and go on tour!

First, in Portugal, you can make a small, but a real feat - to climb the incredible length of the staircase leading to the Church of Christ on Calvary.

Secondly, happy with the trip will definitely remain lovers of seafood and good wines (by the way, there is no more green wine anywhere).

Thirdly, it is here that you can see the bullfight with your own eyes.

Fourth, the spacious golf courses in Portugal allow you to enjoy the game to the maximum.

Portugal tours are a lot of new and emotions and impressions!

Charms of tours to Portugal - a variety of resorts in the country

Among the most diverse tours to Portugal it is not difficult to get lost - they offer such a chic vacation that it can sometimes be difficult to choose.

The Algarve are beautiful sandy beaches, incredibly picturesque beaches and the clearest waters of the Atlantic. Tourists are also attracted here by low-rise hotels with their green area, cozy and small, where there is an opportunity to relax from the city bustle.

Madeira is a beautiful, always blooming green island. "Madeira" in Portuguese means "forest, tree".

Lisbon is a legendary city, the history of which has been counted for more than twenty centuries. Its coast stretches from the mouth of the Tagus River to the beaches of Alentejo. The surroundings of Lisbon are famous for their magnificent beaches, casinos and golf courses. Just a stone's throw from the capital is Sintra - a small city of fabulous architecture and unusually luxurious landscapes.

Tours in Sri Lanka - features of recreation.

Sri Lanka is a small island. But even here different resorts offer different types of recreation: somewhere better for young people, somewhere for recreation with children, someone more likes to immerse themselves in the relaxing atmosphere of a spa, and to get someone a maximum of impression, especially since on Sri -Lanka has something to see. Therefore, going on a tour to this country, you need to choose the right place to rest. Then you will be happy to remember your vacation in Sri Lanka.

Colombo is the largest city on the island, noisy and at the same time calm. Here is the best zoo in Asia - children will definitely be delighted. If you need night clubs, casinos, etc., then it's better to settle in close proximity to Colombo, because Only in Colombo there is a night life.

Bentota is the most famous resort of Sri Lanka. Very romantic and beautiful. It has everything for a good rest. Here you will be offered diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, water skiing, bananas, scooters.

Hikkaduwa is an amazing beach framed with greenery of coconut palms, dozens of hotels for every taste and budget, souvenir shops, bars, cafes. There is an atmosphere of a comfortable, carefree holiday. It is also one of the most attractive places in the world for diving and snorkeling.

Koggala has the best five-kilometer beach on the island. The place is perfect for a relaxing holiday in any period of the year, away from all sorts of fuss.

Tangalle is one of the most beautiful resort places on the coast of the Island. It is famous for its cuisine. Local chefs prepare first-class dishes from freshly caught seafood.

Have a good trip to Sri Lanka!